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​​​​Joe is a seasoned musician, Founder of Dark Haunting Research, and radio talk show host. He is the author of Seduced and coauthor of The Sallie House: Exposing the Beast WithinJoe has embarked on a lifelong journey to exploring the unknown and uncovering hidden truths, in pursuit of an answer to the most sought after question;is there life after death?

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*The new television series titled, Haunted Case Files ​airs Sunday, August 28th, at 10 pm EST on Destination America. Joe is featured on 5 episodes. In this spine chilling new series, some of America's leading ghost hunters and mediums re-live their most terrifying encounters with spirits, demons and other paranormal entities. We'll tell their stories with gripping interviews, powerful recreations and, in many cases, ACTUAL RECORDINGS - both audio and visual - of the events. With three different stories per show, from three different members of our Paranormal Investigator squad. Every episode will be an edge-of-the-seat rollercoaster ride of thrills and chills.

​Episodes featuring Joe:
​5 Spirit Board
6 Close to Home
​7 Sallie House
​8 Hide and Seek
​9 Shadow Animal

*Joe's 1st novel titled, Mystic Winds ​is currently in its final stages of completion. Check back for updates on its progress and anticipated release date.

*Season one of Paranormal Survivor on Destination America, features Joe in episode 3 titled Ghost Children, while consulting on episodes 7-10.  

Reflections in the Dark on Firefall Talk Radio is in its 5th season. Tune in Sunday evenings at 7pm EST.  

​*Up and coming shows with Holy Diver, the Ultimate Tribute to the music of Ronnie James Dio: TBA