​​​​​2019 - ​​Haunted Hospitals Travel Channel, Bristow Global Media

S1E2   This Isn’t A Game (Lead Investigator)

S1E3   The Imaginary Friend (Lead Investigator)

S1E8   Here Be Demons (Lead Investigator)

S1E9   Shadow Animal (Lead Investigator)

S1E12 Close To Home (Lead Investigator)

2015 - Paranormal Survivor Travel Channel/Netflix, Our House Media Productions

​S1E3   Ghost Children (Lead Investigator)

S1E7   Ghost Soldiers (Expert)

S1E8   Evil Messengers (Expert)

S1E9   Multiple Witnesses (Expert)

S1E10 Skeptics Turned Believers (Expert)

S2 E1 They Have No Eyes (Expert to Dr. Crispino)

​​​​​TBA - ​​Haunted Hospitals Travel Channel, Bristow Global Media

2016 - Haunted Case FilesTravel Channel​, Our House Media Productions

2018 - Co-author of Seduced with Cheryl Reeves

2019 - Created S.O.U.L.

Notable Accomplishments


S3 (Episodes currently under production for 2021)

2005 - Founded Dark Hauntings Research

2006 - Host of Strange Encounters on Haunted Voices Radio

2007 - Conducted 72 hour investigation of the Sallie House

2010 - Cohost of Reflections in the Dark on Firefall Talk Radio

2011 - Corresponding Author of The Sallie House: Exposing the Beast Within

TBA - Shades of Darkness novel based on true events