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​​​​​​​Dark Hauntings Research, founded by Joe Cetrone in 2007, refers to a 72-hour investigative project in Atchison, Kansas. He and his team, Rhode Island Demonic Disturbance Investigative Association (RIDDIA), set out to research claims that the home is haunted. Their main focus was to determine the authenticity made by former residents of the Sallie House.

​​​​T he Dark Hauntings project was a frightening and memorable experience, with bizarre turns and twists throughout.  It was a case that left its mark on all involved, and would prove to have spiritual residual implications as well.

Cetrone also co-authored a book about the Sallie House case titled, The Sallie House: Exposing the Beast Within.

The Dark Hauntings Project was made possible by many dedicated and brave individuals including Michael Piccerelli, Mark Brown, Stacey Caputi, Scott Sheer, Chris Perry, Dawn Pierce, Dan Hernandez, Debra and Tony Pickman, Todd Bates, Les Smith, Denice Jones, Diane Gonzales, and Kansas Paranormal.​

Today, Dark Hauntings Research still exists under founder, Joe Cetrone, and has no affiliation with the 2007 Dark Hauntings Project.

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