Phoenix and Jasper

Boa in Display Case

Welcome to Mystic Winds photo gallery.

The pictures below inspired the onset of the novel.

Creepy Statue

Gabe arrives on the scene of a horrific fire, where he meets his partner James, who mysteriously appears to help those trapped inside. There’s only one problem - James has been dead for nearly a year. 

Convinced he is experiencing hallucinations, Gabe admits himself at Elements Treatment Center, in the sleepy nearby town of Abigail Falls. There he meets Jess and Nate. All three will face their worst fears, and discover they were unwitting participants in a deadly game.

Will they find redemption, or fall prey to their darkest desires?

Serenity Lake

Village Green and Store Fronts

The photos were simply an inspiration for the writers and none of the places mentioned in the novel exist.

Gateway Warehouse

Clock Tower

Road to Abigail Falls

Early Rise

Much time has passed since Satan last presented himself before the Lord. Their last formal visit was over the faith of Job. Now he is convinced his influence over humanity dominates and is ready to “even the score” by challenging the Lord with a set of his own rules. The barter is for the souls of three individuals who are far from righteous. The Lord agrees and plans are set in motion.

Short of killing them, Satan will have his way for seven days. If a person is tempted and gives into their sinful vices, they are bound to him. If they survive the seven days, and turn from their ways, the Lord will deliver them.

He presents Gabriel Anderson, a Mystic firefighter put on suspension for alcohol abuse. Jessica Reed, a young college student from the University of Connecticut, struggling with drug addiction. Nathan Daniels, a philandering psychologist.

Entrance to Elements