Creepy Statue

Entrance to Elements

Early Rise

Phoenix and Jasper

Village Green and Store Fronts

Mystic Winds is a work of fiction. Names and places are  from the authors’ imaginations and used fictitiously. The above photos were simply an inspiration for the writers .

Gateway Warehouse

Clock Tower

Welcome to Mystic Winds photo gallery.

The pictures below inspired the onset of the novel.

Boa in Display Case

Serenity Lake

What if today, Satan were to present himself before the Lord to replicate the same premise as with Job, only under his terms? Better yet, what if he was permitted to hand-pick the individuals who had everything to lose and nothing to gain? Would God accept, knowing they were destined for damnation?

The town of Abigail Falls offers a second chance to those battling the turbulence of their own duality, proving that even in the face of death, a person’s ego will lead them down the path to destruction.

Satan selects three representatives, struggling with physical addictions symptomatic of underlying psychological causes. He is allowed seven days to expose humanities weaknesses and darkest desires.

Road to Abigail Falls